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Clinic Dr Inder, is a modern world class medical aesthetic clinic that offers an extensive range of aesthetic treatments for MEN and WOMEN of all ages. Led by Dr Inder and her well trained team of professionals and nurses, Clinic Dr Inder specializes in offering unique and personalized services which are clinically proven to improve and enhance BEAUTY from the inside as well as the outside.

Clinic Dr Inder uses modern technologies and techniques that meet international standards.

Clinic Location and Address:
P-G-022, PJ Centrestage, Jalan 13/1, Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

WhatsApp: +60 12 5174606

Direction: Once you reach Best Western Hotel, park your car at basement and take lift to the lobby. Walk out of the lobby, turn left and walk about one minute.



~Dermal Fillers
~Botulinum Toxin (BOTOX)
~Non-Surgical Thread Lift
~Lip Enhancement
~Cheek Augmentation
~V-Shaping Face


Dr Inder is also personally trained by Dr John Cole, a pioneering doctor in the FUE technique, who heads the Cole Hair Transplant Group based in the USA.

~FUE Hair Transplant
~Hair Regrowth Treatment
~Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) For Hair Loss
~Micro Pigmentation
~Hair Loss Medications
~Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)


~Skin/Chemical Peel
~Fractional CO2
~LED Therapy
~Derma Roller
~Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
~MedLite C6 ND Yag Laser
~Carbon Laser Peel
~ Subcision


~ Emsculpt
~ Exilis Elite
~Meso Lipo
~Coolsculpting Cryolipolysis


~ Exilis Elite
~Mesolipo Fat Melting Injection
~Coolsculpting Cryolipolysis


~Vaginal Rejuvenation / Tightening


~Candela Gentle Yag Laser


~MedLiteC6 ND Yag Laser
~Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
~LED Therapy
~Carbon Laser Peel
~Skin Peel
~Vital Injector For Radiance


~MedLiteC6 ND Yag Laser


~Skin Booster
~Derma Roller
~Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP)
~MedLite C6 ND Yag Laser
~Fractional CO2
~Chemical Peel
~ Gluthathione & Vit E


~ Fat Melting Injection(Mesotherapy)
~ Dermal Fillers For Sunken Eyes
~ Medlite C6 For Dark Eye Circles
~ BOTOX For Crow’s Feet
~ Eyebrow Regrowth


~Dermal Fillers
~Skin Tightening
~Chemical Peel
~Botulinum Toxin (BOTOX)
~HIFU Treatment

~Fractional CO2


~ Gentle Yag Laser

Klinik Dr Inder Reviews

Overall Rating: 4.9/5

2019 Reviews

Posted 4th January 2019 on google
more than pleased ! thank you so much dr Inder and the whole team. amazing work ethic and teamwork. no wonder it was a success.

Posted 3rd January 2019 on google
I am currently a regular patient at Klinik Dr Inder and I visit a few times a week to undergo LED therapy for hair loss as I started to lose hair starting from the back of my head. I have already done a few sessions a week for about 2 weeks and I can see a slight change already. Thanks to Dr Inder, I found out about this treatment option instead of something more painful when I first dropped by to inquire about my options (back in the UK I had never come across this type of treatment). I recommend this clinic for anyone interested in making changes to themselves, but especially those that are struggling with hair loss.
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Posted 3rd January 2019 on google
Came to this clinic recommended by my friend who had gotten a chemical peel for her acne scars as I was looking to do the same. The procedure was affordable and my skin healed fast after it, leaving my face much clearer and smoother with a great reduction in fine lines. The free consultation offered by Dr. Inder herself, who was very well-spoken and professional, gave me much more knowledge about the entire process and how it works. I was nervous at first and anxious about my skin being damaged but just like the doctor assured, it was a quick and successful procedure.
Related Treatment : Chemical Peel

Gurmit Kaur
Posted 28th March 2019 on facebook
Extremely friendly doctor and staff... Patient and kind... 10 star🌟😊

Maricel Benitez
Posted 28th February 2019 on facebook
best female dr.,friendly staff & treatment all doing well

Sheila Rajeev
Posted 23rd February 2019 on facebook
Today was my first PRP and hair filling session. Therapists are very professional and skilled. Thank you for a great session. Looking forward for good results
Related Treatment : PRP Therapy for Hair Loss, Hair Loss Management, Hair Loss Treatment

Posted 10th January 2019 on google
skilled and humble dr with a very professional team of nurses. thank you for the successful hair loss treatment, deserves all my 5 stars!
Related Treatment : Hair Loss Treatment, Hair Loss, Hair Loss Management

Posted 7th January 2019 on google
Facial rejuvenation worked wonders for me, which I did not think was possible after several little treatments at a few different clinics that did not help at all. Thank you Klinik Dr Inder for your professionalism.
Related Treatment : Face Rejuvenation

Posted 7th January 2019 on google
fast, close to painless and very successful!!! thank you for the hair loss treatment to everyone at the clinic, i am very pleased with the results.
Related Treatment : Hair Loss Treatment, Hair Loss Management

Posted 7th January 2019 on google
Have gone to Dr Inder 5 times since then, and did not encounter any delay that I experienced previously. The appointment were timely and nurses were prompt to start my sessions everytime. So I am very happy with the timeliness and now just waiting for the final outcome of the result of my procedure to consider signing up more. - Original in English, translated by Google

Posted 24th January 2019 on Erufu Care
I saw some improvements.
Related Treatment : Stretch Marks Removal , Stretch Marks
Total Amount Paid : RM 400

Posted 24th January 2019 on Erufu Care
I rate their service as 5. They are very affordable. Doctor is very attentive. I'm very happy with the results too.
Related Treatment : Stretch Marks Removal , Stretch Marks
Total Amount Paid : RM 300

Posted 2nd April 2019 on Erufu Care
I have visited the clinic on 30.3.2019. My personal experience is as follow: Pros: 1. Friendly and non-pushy service 2. Very affordable medical costs Cons: 1. Very basic/insufficient consultation from the doctor without any detail analysis on the current skin condition. 2. Was only informed that it is better to do facial extraction before having laser treatment during halfway of my laser treatment. In addition, regarding my previous visit and experience, the doctor had personally explained and apologized to me for the miscommunication that happened and I appreciate the professionalism. Hence for the overall service I would give them a 4 out of 5 after considering the whole experience.
Related Treatment : Acne Scars Treatment, Laser Skin Resurfacing
Total Amount Paid : RM 2,400

Posted 8th January 2019 on Erufu Care
Its service and treatment are very good. - Original in Malay, translated by Google
Related Treatment : Skin (Dermatology), Skin Specialist (Dermatologist)

2018 Reviews

Posted 18th May 2018 on Erufu Care
I have visited the clinic on 8th may last week. The service was great and comfortable. The staff were really helpful and friendly. It takes RM 120 if I'm not mistaken. Removed 3 moles including the cream for post-treatment. Everything went well during treatment. The price also very affordable. So it is a 5/5
Related Treatment : Mole Removal, Mole
Total Amount Paid : RM 120

Posted 10th December 2018 on Erufu Care
They got back to me very soon after my enquiry and booked an appointment the next weekend. Despite the long waiting at the lobby, the procedure was surprisingly smooth and the nurses were pretty friendly. It wasn't too expensive either. So yeah.. It was good.
Related Treatment : Mole Removal, Mole
Total Amount Paid : RM 250

Posted 10th December 2018 on google
I had hair restoration treatment at the clinic. I started experiencing hair loss from the age of 19, and had the procedure in my early-mid 20s. I arrived in KL on a Monday night, had the procedure on a Tuesday, and on Wednesday had cleaning, bandaging and explaination of after-care, and then flew out the same day! I have to say, Dr. Inder and her team were absolutely wonderful, they made me feel comfortable and gave me the impression that they are very competent! The treatment first started with a consultation with Dr. Inder, who examined the donor area, asked about my concerns, addressed any questions, and then gave me a run down of the treatment. During every step of the treatment, Dr. Inder or her staff explained what they were doing. Dr. Inder reserved the day for just one hair restoration patient, so she gives you her undivided attention. What else? I was given medication (anti-biotics which are essential, and then some nonessentials e.g. pain killers) and an after-care kit which contained some products and information. Dr. Inder was keen to have hear back from me on my progress, and encouraged me to contact her any time if I had any concerns. Why did I choose Klinik Dr. Inder? As a patient from Australia, I was quite nervous about choosing a clinic in another country. However, Dr. Inder and her team were very patient and attentative to all my questions and concerns in the weeks leading up to the procedure. I should note, as someone with a medical background, I certainly had a lot of questions. Dr. Inder also holds a lot of qualifications in aesthetic medical procedures, this is important because hair restoration is not simply plucking hair from one spot and placing into another. Dr. Inder’s keen eye for aesthetics meant that the angulation, direction, and distribution of the hair looked natural! What about the clinic itself? On walking into the clinic, it appeared very modern and clean. Within the treatment rooms, all the equipment was stored and prepared in a very aeseptic manner.
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Farouk Yahya
Posted 17th October 2018 on facebook
those with skin related issues are recommended to come here... patients would be treated accordingly

Posted 10th October 2018 on google
I choose klinik dr Inder because everyone makes me feel comfortable. Dr Inder was very nice, professional and Dr Inder is a very understanding. I believe in her. The team also very friendly and professional. I did so many treatment. Satisfied and totally recommended. 

Posted 10th October 2018 on google
I am a regular pt of Dr Inder. Best clinic best doctor and i am so lucky I found the right place to do all my treatment. Tumbs up to Dr. Inder and teams. 

Posted 10th September 2018 on google
I had eyebrow hair transplant done in this clinic last April. So far really great results. I am happy I have done it. Thank you!
Related Treatment : Eyebrow Transplant

Leong Yau Chung
Posted 16th August 2018 on facebook
yes Doctor .lnder is good πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ best of the best ok

Posted 10th August 2018 on google
It was great experience for me to dear with Clinic Dr. Inder because i did hair transplant surgery and it was perfect. She takes care of me and for all people. I think she is the best in Kuala Lumpur. Thank you
Related Treatment : Hair Transplant

el Utorr RN
Posted 2nd February 2018 on facebook
I loved being pampered here with the latest skin treatment! One of the best clinic I have ever been. Thank you Dr.Inder���loving the result..not enough the 5 stars..all staff so friendly even they’re look tired and superb busy�

Kesa Mogan
Posted 1st February 2018 on facebook
I'm extremely happy with my result. Next week i will be going for my 5th time hair removal. Soon i will be free from all the extra hairs and yay!!
Related Treatment : Hair Removal

Posted 10th January 2018 on google
Excellent service and very good staff and doctor. Good environment. Totally recommended. 

Posted 10th January 2018 on google
I was so happy that I found klinic Dr. Inder, they solved my skin problem which have bothering me for life. My skin is looking so good after laser treatment. I can't believe the results I'm seeing! Super amazing. Thank you so much. Can't wait to continue my treatments with Klinic Dr Inder. Fantastic attentive team and great, knowledgable doctors.They're sure know what they are doing when comes to skin with acne scarring and skin in general. I had trust in them. I feel safe and comfortable! That's important! See guys very soon!!
Related Treatment : Acne Scars Treatment, Acne Scars, Laser Skin Resurfacing

Posted 10th January 2018 on google
Excellent services! Never can get an affordable prices like Dr Inder Clinic's do if compare to other clinics in Selangor or Kuala Lumpur. Fall in love with all the treatment from hair to body. Friendly staffs! And the best Doctor ever, beloved Dr Inder! Highly recommend to come to this clinic. 

Posted 10th January 2018 on google
Very recommended to everybody to come this clinic! Very affordable price compare to other clinic! The staff and doc doctor very friendly too. Can't wait to continue my further treatment! Keep it up doctor inder and teams ! 

Posted 10th January 2018 on google
This is the best clinic for all your skin and hair problems, a very professional staff and a very experienced doctor. Thankyou very much for a quick response and excellent service. 

Posted 10th January 2018 on google
I wanted a second transplant after not being satisfied with the first one I did with a different clinic in the middle east. After doing a lot of research including some actual visits to some clinics in Harley Street in London as I live in England. As well as some clinics in Turkey / Greece and Hungary where I found that the majority of these clinics were concentrating on the marketing and doing the hair transplant procedure as a kind of business ( I mean lack of knowledge and skills) just trying to push ppl forward by offering some silly offers to attract ppl.......what a shame. I finally decided to do my second transplant in Malaysia with Dr. Inder. and was pleasantly surprised at her efficiency. My main aim was to achieve the density plus the natural look (specially the front Hair line) and to get that you need not only a high skilled Dr. But also an artist one. Where Dr.inder is a second to none in this. I was really shocked at how friendly and nice it was and the sheer professionalism of the job. BTW. I don't want to forget to mention that the staff was really amazing and supportive as well. Overall it was a great experience with no hassles at all. Would highly recommend this fantastic clinic to anyone who wants to do the procedure either for his first time or to correct a mistake doing by other useless hair transplant clinics. Thanks.
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Posted 10th January 2018 on google
Lovely place with a nice team.. Totally recommend 

Posted 10th January 2018 on google
This is the best clinic for all your hair loss issues and skin rejuvenation. Dr Inder and her team are wonderful and very professional. I would highly recommend this clinic to one and all. Excellent team.
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Posted 10th January 2018 on google
excellent staff, value and experience, highly recommended 


Posted 10th January 2018 on google
The Doctor and staff are very helpful, and i'm satisfied with everything in the clinic. I also plan to visit the clinic in long term. Very Recommend clinic 

Posted 10th January 2018 on google
Very friendly professional service for hair removal treatment and I am pretty sure for any other treatments, highly recommend!
Related Treatment : IPL Hair Removal, Laser Hair Removal

Farid Shawky
osted 5th January 2018 on facebook
Best center in malaysia , I advise you to try it

Posted 10th November 2018 on google
Dr Inder and team are very friendly, and I have seen positive improvements following several treatment sessions from Klinik Dr Inder. Recommended. 

Hair Transplant Reviews on WhatClinic

Posted 14th September 2017 on whatclinic.com
I did much research about lowering my hairline as it recedes. I had done some research and consulted a few doctors and finally, I decided to proceed with Klinik Dr. Inder. I feel more comfortable and confident with Dr. Inder. She is very professional and dedicated to her work. During my procedure day, I feel comfortable and my recovery is very fast! I am very satisfied and happy with my results. I made the right choice. Thank you, Dr. Inder and team.
Related Treatment : Hairline Fracture Treatment

Posted 6th September 2017 on whatclinic.com
I am very happy and satisfied doing my hair restoration procedure at Klinik Dr. Inder. She helped me to overcome my hair loss problem by suggesting the right treatment and she was very informative about her procedure and does what is best in the interest of the patient. The staff is very friendly and caring. Thank you to Dr. Inder and team.
Related Treatment : Hair Restoration, Hair Loss Treatment, Hair Loss

Posted 17th August 2017 on whatclinic.com
I had severe hair loss problems and I decided to go in for hair restoration. I went in for a consultation at Klinik Dr. Inder. She briefly explained to me about the procedure and also answered all my questions in detail. I was happy I made the right decision and chose the right doctor for my hair restoration procedure. The staff at Klinik Dr. Inder is very professional and very friendly. Their service is excellent. Thank you, Dr. Inder and team for helping me get back my hair and confidence.
Related Treatment : Hair Restoration, Hair Transplant, Hair Loss Treatment, Hair Loss

Posted 14th August 2017 on whatclinic.com
I had decided to do the hair restoration procedure after experiencing severe hair fall months ago. Before things get worse I did my research and chose Klinik Dr. Inder as my hair clinic due to the good recommendations. Dr. Inder is truly a professional hair expert and her explanations about the procedure are good and informative. The procedure was done very professionally and the price is very reasonable and worth it as I can see my future hair result and I'm excited about it!I would like to compliment the staffs too, they are very pleasant! Thank you, Dr. Inder and team.
Related Treatment : Hair Restoration, Hair Transplant, Hair Loss Treatment, Hair Loss

Posted 14th August 2017 on whatclinic.com
I had unwanted hair growth on my face and I was tired of waxing. After finding and reading about hair removal, I got to know about Klinik Dr. Inder that provides permanent laser hair service. The doctor is very professional in advising the best treatment for skin problems. I started with my laser hair removal and I am in love with this treatment as the machine used at Klinik Dr. Inder is very gentle and less painful. I have seen a great improvement on the result. I am very happy with my progress and I feel more confident. Thanks to Dr. Inder and also the lovely staff who are very friendly and informative too. I would definitely recommend this clinic for hair removal.
Related Treatment : Laser Hair Removal, Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation

Posted 11th August 2017 on whatclinic.com
I am a woman in my 50s from Singapore. I was losing hair from the crown of my head and my hair parting was almost half an inch wide. I decided to do a hair transplant in Malaysia and found Dr. Inder. I wanted a female doctor. After reading the reviews I decided to do it. Debra the receptionist called me in 5 minutes after I enquired online. After sending her my photo, I got a quotation. The procedure was not as painful as I thought. The Doctor and all the staff were really nice and professional. I even laughed and joked throughout the procedure. Now, 1 year later I am so happy with fuller hair. My hair has grown and my friends noticed that my hair is now fuller. Highly recommend Dr. Inder for hair transplant.
Related Treatment : Hair Restoration, Hair Transplant, Hair Loss Treatment, Hair Loss

Posted 4th August 2017 on whatclinic.com
I am Mr. Yuri, from Sarawak. I was suffering from very bad open pores and scars on my cheek. I went around to a few clinics but was not satisfied until I came across Klinik Dr. Inder. I am very happy that I came across the right clinic and the best Doctor. Dr. Inder suggested the right treatment and I am very happy with the results so far. My friends and colleagues can notice the difference now. I would keep coming back to Klinik Dr. Inder for all my treatments.
elated Treatment : Large Pores, Large Pores Treatment, Scar Removal

Posted 4th August 2017 on whatclinic.com
I am very happy and satisfied to gain back my hair and confidence. Dr. Inder, had helped me to overcome my hair loss problem by hair restoration procedure and I am very happy with the results so far.Dr. Inder explained to me in detail about the procedure and answered all my queries. During the procedure, the staff and doctor were very professional and made sure I was relaxed throughout the procedure. The follow up sessions are great and very caring staff, I highly recommend Dr. Inder to every one for their hair loss issues and trust me it's the best clinic. Thank you, Dr. Inder and team.
Related Treatment : Hair Restoration, Hair Transplant, Hair Loss Treatment, Hair Loss

Posted 20th July 2017 on whatclinic.com
I had my hair-restoration in June 2016. It has been 1 year and my hair growth is wonderful, the results are exactly what I was looking for. I got back my complete density and I feel very confident about everything now.I would like to let you guys know that Dr. Inder is truly a wonderful doctor, very knowledgeable and the staff is really good too. I would highly recommend Klinik Dr. Inder to everyone out there looking for hair restoration / hair loss treatment. Thank you, Dr. Inder and team.
Related Treatment : Hair Restoration, Hair Transplant, Hair Loss Treatment, Hair Loss

Posted 19th July 2017 on whatclinic.com
I'm Surehn here, I recently had my hair restoration at Klinik Dr. Inder. Overall I would like to say that the service was good, friendly staff and of cause modern equipment are used. Last but not least very knowledgeable doctor who knows what she does and her price unbeatable in the market as I know. Thank you for such a wonderful treatment. Thank you, Dr. Inder and team.
Related Treatment : Hair Restoration, Hair Loss Treatment, Hair Loss

Posted 13th July 2017 on whatclinic.com
Klinik Dr. Inder is amazing. Dr. Inder is straight forward and very informative. Not to mention super cool. I hesitated for months before doing it and went on multiple consultations when I met Dr. Inder in Malaysia with great reviews only to realize that Dr. Inder was the one. I am 6 weeks into my procedure and my confidence is back. I love what I can see as of now so I can't wait to see the final result. Extremely happy !!!I have never experienced such wonderful customer service. They were all focused on my comfort throughout the procedure. Klinik Dr. Inder was the best investment that I ever made. It gave me my confidence back. When I go out, I donΓ’€™t wear a cap/hat. I donΓ’€™t do any of that anymore.Definitely felt I got the best treatment out there with the best advice, at a great cost with amazing results.stop procrastinating and do it. Dr. Inder is the best!! I would definitely recommend.
Related Treatment : Hair Restoration, Hair Transplant, Hair Loss Treatment, Hair Loss

Posted 11th July 2017 on whatclinic.com
I am from the Middle East and staying in Malaysia for 3 years now with my parents. I had this hair growth on my upper lips and side locks which were very embarrassing being a girl. I wanted to get rid of this so I started doing some research to rid myself of this permanently and I came across Klinik Dr. Inder through Whatclinic.com. I am glad I made an appointment and went over to consult this amazing Dr. Inder, she is so experienced and yet very humble and gives you, the right advice. I was so contented in my first meeting with her that I immediately went on to start my laser treatment for permanent hair removal on my face. They used Candella Gentle Yag Laser which is a very gentle laser and right after my first session I could see the reduction in the hair growth so I understand that in a few more sessions I will be rid of all this unwanted hair. Thank you, Dr. Inder.
Related Treatment : Hair Removal, Laser Hair Removal

Posted 7th July 2017 on whatclinic.com
I'm extremely vivacious to undergo the procedure. I was well informed about pre and post surgery. The food is delicious and I'm very comfortable and feel at home with the music on. Just a mild pain during the local anesthetic. Dr. Inder is very well experienced and concerned about his patient condition during the procedure. My gratitude to Debra for securing me the slot ahead of de-schedule. All of the staff are so entertaining. Thank you for taking good care for me.
Related Treatment : Hair Transplant, Hair Loss Treatment, Hair Loss

Posted 3rd May 2017 on whatclinic.com
I would like to share my story about vaginal tightening & rejuvenation at Klinik Dr Inder. As a mother of 3 kids i was suffering from vaginal laxity i.e loose vagina and no sensation or any feeling while intercourse.Although my hubby never said a word, but i din feel good about how things felt down there. And that is what made me study and read more about vaginal tightening and that is when i came across vaginal tightening in Klinik Dr Inder through the whatclinic platform and i made a quick appointment through whatclinic for a free consultation with Dr Inder. I went to see doctor bearing in my mind that i would only consult her first, but after meeting Dr Inder i was so well explained and got answered for all my questions for the procedure that i did it on the very same day.Dr Inder uses the latest technology for vaginal tightening and i feel very amazed by the changes and the sensation.The procedure was done by doctor and very well assisted by her nurse, where i felt so relaxed and all my nervousness and anxiety vanished in seconds, there was no pain. Dr Inder has a magical touch. Its been more then a month now and i can feel the tightness and i am very glad and would sincerely recommend all the ladies out there to visit Klinik Dr Inder and consult Dr Inder for vaginal tightening.I am very glad and satisfied with the amazing results.Thank you Dr Inder.
Related Treatment : Laser Vaginal Tightening, Vaginal Rejuvenation

Posted 17th April 2017 on whatclinic.com
I had a lot of acne and acne scars which hurt me every time I look in the mirror. So I decided to do something about it and then I came across Klinik Dr Inder through facebook and I wanted to jump in for a free consultation and my first encounter with Dr. Inder was really impressive and I was so happy to have found her. Dr very well explained me the cause and the best solution to get rid of these acne and scars, I did my laser treatment in the clinic and I am very happy doing it. The staff was very friendly and really helped me feel relaxed throughout my sessions. I would highly recommend anyone to have laser treatment at Klinik Dr. Inder. The staff are friendly and accommodating, making appointments easy to attend.
Related Treatment : Acne Treatment, Acne, Acne Scars, Acne Scars Treatment

Posted 11th April 2017 on whatclinic.com
I wanted to proceed with my hair removal procedure on my chest and arms after my hair restoration at Klinik Dr Inder, when i inquired more about the hair removal procedure in the clinic the first time, from the reception, to Dr Inder and her nurses, they all gave me a good explanation and advised me thoroughly. I was convinced and confident to proceed as i find their services and procedures are excellent and worth every penny spent in the clinic.I am on my third session of laser hair removal and whitening treatment, and I am very amazed with my result so far! The services I have received from all the staff here at Klinik Dr Inder has been impeccable I have recommended Klinik Dr Inder to my friends as I think that this is the best clinic to get their beauty treatment done in a safe way!"
Related Treatment : Laser Hair Removal, Hair Restoration

Posted 16th July 2016 on whatclinic.com
Hair Restoration Hair LossPrice is very reasonable.I am 30 years old and suffering from severe hair loss due to family history. I have been doing enough research on hair loss and also on the doctors that can help me. I found Klinik Dr Inder through Whatclinic and I am so lucky that I manage to get the right doctor to do my procedure. Dr Inder is a very professional and elegant doctor. She and her team did an excellent and world class procedure that to tell you the truth, I enjoyed every moment of the whole procedure. The price is very reasonable. I highly recommend Klinik Dr Inder and her team to anyone who has a problem like me. Thumbs up to them and all the best to them.
Related Treatment : Hair Restoration, Hair Transplant, Hair Loss Treatment, Hair Loss

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