8 Best Paraben-Free Shampoos in Malaysia 2023

In order to preserve the shelf life of many shampoos, parabens are used. 

What Is A Paraben?

A paraben is a preservative and it is used to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus in shampoos. Compared to other, safer alternatives, they are cheaper, and mimic anti-microbial agents in plants.

Why Is Paraben Shampoo Bad?

Parabens can be bad for hair as they are easily absorbed through your skin and can be harmful to your scalp. Parabens can cause a number of problems for your hair including drying, irritating your scalp, fading your color, and even hair loss. 

It has also been found that parabens actually attach themselves to estrogen receptors, causing a weak estrogen effect on the body. Thus, parabens are also referred to as phytoestrogens. This may or may not cause breast cancer depending on which research you believe, but why take the risk?

Which Shampoos Are Paraben Free?

We have listed some of the best paraben free shampoos in Malaysia below.

1. Eucapro SLS Paraben Sulphate Free Hair Shampoo (For All Hair Types)

> Sulfate Free Shampoo for Weave in Malaysia

Eucapro Family Hair Shampoo cleanses the hair while helping to maintain its moisture and shine. An Australian formulation specially formulated with natural ingredients to provide a gentle refreshing hair shampoo for the whole family.

This sulfate-free hair shampoo delivers a nutrient-rich blend of natural essential oils - Rosemary, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Olive Oil, and Eucalyptus Oil to quench and invigorate dry hair and scalp and help preserve natural moisture leaving hair feeling soft and hydrated. An invigorating infusion of Eucalyptus Oil helps calm and soothe scalp irritation commonly caused by dryness or tension from protective styles such as braids and weaves.

4.7 / 5 - 104 Ratings in Lazada 

2. Grafen Root Booster Shampoo, 500ml

grafen root booster paraben free shampoo

Grafen Root Booster is a silicone free and paraben free shampoo that promotes hair growth and scalp stabilisation.

- Eases skin irritation, inflammation, and blemishes
- pH 5.5 
- Contains Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) : Prevents B3 shortage, a cause for hair loss, and boosts hair growth with increased scalp blood circulation.
- Olive oil extract and camellia seed oil makes scalp moist and healthy.

I was loosing a lot of hair and getting desperate... Lol. I bought this on a whim not knowing much about it except what the advertisement said. When I first used it, I did not like it as I found it quite oily. I didn't need conditioner after this. For the first 2 months, I didn't think it did anything. I was still loosing a lot of hair. Was about to give up but then after the 2 months mark, something changed. There was less hair loss in the shower and when I was combing and blow drying. I've been using it for close to 6 months now and my hair looks like in the picture eg where I normally part my hair, you see more hair than white scalp. Will definitely purchase again.

4.8 / 5.0 - 228 ratings in Lazada

3. Ivy Tress Hair Sulphate Free Shampoo with Argan Oil

> Sulfate Free Shampoo for Dry Hair in Malaysia

This hydrating shampoo nourishes the hair, leaving the hair healthy. It is free from sulphates, parabens, silicones and formaldehyde.

4.9 / 5.0 - 50 ratings in Lazada

4. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Triple Detox Shampoo, 160ml

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Triple Detox Shampoo paraben free

Living Proof - Perfect Hair Day's Triple Detox Shampoo is a paraben free shampoo that gently removes buildup from other hair products, pollution and hard water.

- Non-stripping, color safe shampoo
- Formulated with activated charcoal which absorbs oil from scalp and hair
- Infused with witch hazel to moisturize & soothe the scalp

I was pretty surprised by this shampoo. I hadn’t really bought into the charcoal trend going around right now but when I used this my hair had so much movement and was so soft. I use a lot of dry shampoo, leave in conditioners and Volumizer gets sprays and this actually got all the build up off my scalp and strands

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5. Naturals by Watsons Argan Shampoo, 490ml

watsons naturals argan shampoo

Naturals by Watsons Argan Hair range is a paraben free shampoo formulated with Moroccan Argan Oil to nourish and revitalise hair. 

- Argan Oil improves hair elasticity for more resilience and naturally bouncy hair
- Argan Oil also nourishes and protects hair with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids.
- Free from Parabens, Mineral Oil, Silicones, Colourants, Soap, Isothiazolinone (MIT, CMIT, BIT)

4.8 / 5.0 - 325 Ratings on Lazada

6. Aveeno Scalp Soothing Oat Milk Blend Shampoo, 12 Ounce

aveeno scalp soothing oat milk shampoo sulfate free 12 ounce

> Sulfate Free Shampoo for Colored Hair in Malaysia

No longer reserved for your iced latte, oat milk is taking over your shampoo too. Oats are the first ingredient in this nourishing formula, which is free of sulfates, parabens, and dyes.

The oats are sourced from a quiet mill located along the rolling hills of the Mississippi River Valley, in a small town where pride and quality go hand-in-hand.

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7. Herbal Essences BioRenew Hydrate Coconut Milk - Shampoo, 400ml

herbal essences biorenew coconut hair treatment oil

Herbal Essences BioRenew Hydrate Coconut Milk is a hair treatment shampoo and conditioner that purifies and protects hair from damage.

- Hydrates from root to tip for hair that’s more manageable and less prone to split ends
- Multilayered scents of coconut, white florals and vanilla
- Color-safe, ph balanced
- Paraben and colourant free
- Made with 90% natural ingredients

I love this shampoo and conditioner. I tried a sample from a magazine (which I usually don't do). My hair was damaged from chemo treatments. I tried many shampoos, this shampoo makes my hair as soft as I could ever want. I LOVE IT! Try it!

4.5 / 5.0 - 258 Ratings on Amazon

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8. Grafen Cica Silky Shampoo

Grafen Cica Silky Shampoo is a hypo-allergenic shampoo that do not contains paraben and silicone. It cares your sensitive/dry scalp and it is specially formulated for damaged hair due to frequent hair dyeing and perming. 

It contains of botanical oil instead of silicone to soothe and relieve scalp irritation. This shampoo contains sunflower seed oil, avocado oil and sweet almond oil that helps to make your hair sleek, stronger and prolong hair colour. It also contains hydrolysed silk, collagen and protein. These ingredients lock-in hair moisture, repair damaged hair, improve hair texture and prevent hair loss.

4.9 / 5 - 152 ratings on Lazada


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