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What is Regenerative Aesthetics?

Regenerative aesthetics or regenerative aesthetic medicine are aesthetic therapies that incorporate your own tissue, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), stem cells, growth factors, peptides and other biocellular-based resources extracted from blood and tissue.

According to Ryan Welter, MD, PhD, CEO and medical director of Regeneris Medical (Attleboro, Mass.), the fundamental driving force behind this regenerative movement is the desire to reverse and slow the aging process. “There are a lot of emerging therapies that are showing up in both the biological scientific/experimental world, and lately in the clinical world. It started with PRP use in aesthetics and transitioned into other kinds of cell treatments that are being developed into more powerful clinical approaches,” he said.
When Gregory Chernoff, MD, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Beverly Hills, Calif., started talking about cellular medicine 20 years ago, “it was considered science fiction. People wondered what planet …