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Best Drugstore Eye Creams for Dark Circles in Malaysia 2020

In Malaysia, eye creams are commonly used to treat dark circles under our eyes.
What are Dark Circles?
Dark circles are puffiness and darkening of the skin under the eye, and they create cosmetic concerns. Dark circles appear in men and women. They are more common in adults and rarely seen in children.

What Are The Main Causes Of Dark Circles?
Natural sleep, skin thinning due to aging, dehydration, sun exposure, eye strain or simply genetics are common causes of dark circles.

How Can I Reduce Dark Circles?
Dealing with dark circles is never fun. While logging a full night’s sleep seems like a reasonable fix to dark under-eye circles, it doesn’t work for most of us.

While the right concealer can cover them up in a pinch, if you’re looking for a more long-lasting treatment, a powerful eye cream is probably your best bet. Here are our 5 best drugstore eye creams for dark circles in Malaysia.

1. ROC - Retinol Correxion Eye Cream, 15ml

ROC Retinol Correxion is an eye cream that is used to improve …

Cara Nak Hilangkan Eyebag di Malaysia 2020

Dengan begitu banyak petua dan produk yang menawarkan rawatan eyebag di seluruh Malaysia, bagaimana anda membuat pilihan yang tepat?

Terdapat banyakkk sangat petua-petua dan cara nak hilangkan eyebag yang tuan-tuan dan puan-puan boleh membaca di internet. Cara nak hilangkan eyebag dengan air garam, cara nak hilangkan eyebag dengan lemon, cara hilangkan eyebag secara semulajadi dan bermacam macam lagi??

Sudah cuba? Adakan mereka berkesan? 

Anda digalakkan untuk menerima nasihat dan rawatan melalui doktor yang bertauliah di Malaysia. Adakah anda ingin mencari klinik estetik terbaik untuk melakukan prosedur rawatan eyebag anda di Malaysia? 

Kenapa eyebag berlaku?
Apabila tisu dan otot di sekeliling mata anda menjadi lemah dan longgar, anda akan sedar bahawa bahagian bawah mata anda menjadi hitam dan bengkak. Walau bagaimanapun, produk krim eyebag hanya berkesan sebagai penjagaan pencegahan, dan tidak dapat mengubati eyebag dengan berkesan selepas mereka telah berkembang. Terdapat pelbagai je…

Eye Bag Removal Malaysia: Prices and Reviews 2020

Are you looking to find the best aesthetic clinics to do your eye bag removal procedure in Malaysia? Just do a Google search and select from there. Sounds simple, right?

However, it’s clear that some of these sites are not aware of the local regulations and the Ministry of Health Guidelines on Aesthetic Medical Practice in Malaysia. 

There are also too many self proclaimed experts out there on the net, but who's to know? That's why the guidelines above were developed, in order to protect innocent consumers and to ensure that the right professionals with the right training and experience are allowed to practice medical aesthetics in Malaysia.

Bear in mind also that the aesthetic clinics high ranking on page 1 and visible advertisements on Google may not be truly reflective of the doctor's skills, experience and also how 'safe' is the doctor.

Before you jump straight into calling your clinic for appointment, you need to have a basic understanding of your problem and the…

Eye Bag Treatment Without Surgery in Malaysia 2020

Looking for an aesthetic clinic to do your eye bag removal in Malaysia?

There are many ways to reduce eye bags and dark circles from the face. Some of the non-surgical eye bag treatment choices available are dermal fillers, botox injections, HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) and laser eye bag removal resurfacing methods.

Most eye bags have varying degrees of 3 underlying factors that are associated with eye-bags: the fat under the eyes, skin laxity and skin pigmentation including dark eye circles. Therefore, the ideal procedure for you will depend on the anatomy of your eyes and the underlying cause/s of your eye-bag problem.
Best 10 Clinics in Malaysia for Eye Bag Treatment without Surgery

As for the clinic selection, the online world provides overwhelming information and while some of the sites do provide the needed information; the methods in which the clinics are selected are not explained. Are the medical doctors verified and registered with the Malaysian Medical Council? Are …