Duromine Malaysia: Harga 2018 / 2019, Kegunaan dan Kontraindikasi

Pil kurus Duromine merupakan pil kurus yang popular di kalangan netizen Malaysia. Kepada sesiapa yang nak ambil pil kurus ini, Duromine adalah ubat preskripsi yang dikawal di Malaysia dan anda tidak digalakkan untuk membelinya secara online. 
Terdapat banyak pil Duromine yang palsu di pasaran online dan anda digalakkan untuk membelinya melalui doktor yang bertauliah di Malaysia. Duromine bukan tanpa kesan sampingan dan kontraindikasi, dan tidak bolih diambil sembarangan.
Apakah itu Duromine? Duromine (jenama Phentermine) merupakan sejenis produk yang mengandungi bahan aktif Phentermine. Phentermine merupakan sejenis ubat perangsang di mana struktur kimianya menyerupai amfetamine. Produk tersebut diformulasikan dengan sejenis resin untuk membolehkan phentermine diserap secara terkawal agar kesan rawatan Duromine dapat dikekalkan untuk seharian.

Apakah kegunaan Duromine? Duromine digunakan untuk mengurangkan berat badan bagi pesakit yang telah dikenalpasti oleh doktor mengalami masalah berat…

Aesthetics 101 (Part 1): Aesthetic Medicine Course for Layman, Beauticians, Aestheticians and Nurses

Why a guide on aesthetic medicine? During the last decade we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of medical aesthetic treatment methods and technologies and a parallel increase in our knowledge about them. However, aesthetic related treatments and products are often accompanied by marketing myths rather than good scientific data; often indistinguishable by a layperson.

This course is designed to cover the practical essentials of aesthetic services provided by an aesthetic clinic . The main goal for this course is to guide you as a consumer in making the right and safe decision in terms of choosing the right treatment method as well as the right practitioner. However, this guide is also suitable for nurses, paramedical and certified aestheticians and beauticians who are keen to develop or advance their knowledge in aesthetic medicine in order address the knowledge gap between medical doctors trained in medical aesthetics and their non-medical doctor colleagues i.e. beauticians…

Popular Aesthetic Procedures in Malaysia 2019

Aesthetic procedures can improve the appearance of the skin by correcting skin flaws such as acne, scars, wrinkles and can also treat skin conditions that may not necessarily be harmful, but can affect or even disfigure the appearance. 

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Body Skin Treatments
Non-surgical treatments for the body can trim inches from the thighs, stomach, and arms; they can significantly minimize the appearance of cellulite; and can even make the skin appear more tightened and toned. These treatments require little downtime, making them a great choice for patients that can't take time off of work. Some of the most popular treatments for the body include:
Body-Contouring ProceduresNon-Surgical LiposuctionBelly Fat TreatmentCoolsculpting for the BodyCellulite Treatment for the Body
Common Skin Flaws

There is a range of common skin flaws that can detract from our appearance and make us feel more self-conscious about our looks. The good news is that non-invasive tr…

Superdrug will start checking Botox customers for body dysmorphic disorder (BDD)

( - Superdrug will screen Botox customers for mental health problems after doctors raised concerns that some may have body dysmorphic disorder. 

Professor Stephen Powis wrote to Superdrug after the pharmacy chain announced it would be offering Botox and dermal fillers on the high street. Superdrug currently offers Botox for £99 and dermal fillers for between £125 and £349 for people aged 25 and over. The treatments start from £99 at the London flagship store (Picture: PA) The procedures are available at its flagship store on The Strand in London as part of a trial before being potentially rolled out to other stores. Following the intervention by Prof Powis, the medical director at NHS England, Superdrug has agreed to put in place extra safeguards to protect those suffering from anxiety about their body or another mental health condition. Anyone wanting Botox or fillers will be screened for conditions such as body dysmorphic disorder using questionnaires developed by psychol…

Top 10 Best Dermatology Clinics in Kuala Lumpur (KL) 2019

This post is about finding the right dermatologist for your skin problem in Malaysia. If you have a skin related problem, you're likely to start by seeing your family or primary care doctor. But in some cases, you may be referred to a skin specialist (dermatologist).  With tons of low quality self-help e-books out there on skin disease treatment for acne, eczema, psoriasis etc., I am not surprised if you are confused and over-whelmed with treatment information or rather mis-information i.e. recommendations from Facebook friends, neighbors, emails, forum recommendations, search engine results etc. Before you buy a suspicious skin care product with 'too good to be true claims', do a quick check on Google. Use the product name as the search keywords and also add verification words like scam, hoax etc.
It's time to seek professional help before things get worse. If you are worried that a visit to a private dermatologist is expensive, try to see one in the government clinics.…