Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Sabah 2020

If you are looking for the best hair transplant clinic in Sabah for your hair loss treatment, this article was written with you in mind.

FUE hair transplant, or follicular unit extraction hair transplant or implant, is a minimally invasive method used to harvest and transplant hair. The treatment removes individual follicular units directly from your scalp, which are then replanted into the required site of the scalp.
hair transplant sabah
If you are looking to find the best aesthetic clinic for your hair transplant procedure, you may wish to check out related reviews and prices from customers who 'have been there, done that'. Most customers will rely on 'word of mouth' referrals and Google Search to decide. However, if you are confused and overwhelmed with the information out there, please read on.

Alert!: Please be aware that under the Malaysian Ministry of Health Aesthetic Practice Guidelines, hair transplant procedures can only be performed in a licensed medical clinic by a registered plastic surgeon (with LCP Chapter 3 license) or a registered dermatologist (with LCP Chapter 2 license) (Ref: Aesthetics Practice Guidelines in Malaysia).

Hair Transplant Clinic in Sabah

The selection of the clinics is based on Google Search Results and information available on blogs, review sites and forums. 

1) Sabah Hair Restoration Clinic

Address: Gleneagles Kota Kinabalu, Riverson@Sembulan, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Dr Charles Lee Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa has moved to Gleneagles Kota Kinabalu. Direct Hair Implantation is a fast, simple and professional hair restoration procedure to restore your hairline and density needed for that natural look.


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