7 Best Blood Pressure Monitors in Malaysia 2022

Nowadays, hypertension is a highly manageable disease; it is no longer a death sentence as it was in past. But you must know that hypertension is also considered a silent killer due to the fact that most people show no accompanying symptoms, that's why effective management requires proper and consistent monitoring along with a healthy diet and exercise. 

By using a blood pressure monitor, you can measure your blood pressure anytime, anywhere, and know when you need immediate medical attention. With such a wide range of blood pressure monitors on the market, we've collected the current 7 Best Blood Pressures in Malaysia based on their quality to help you choose the finest blood pressure monitor that meets your health needs.

1. Ouson+Care Arm Type Digital Blood Pressure Machine

This blood pressure monitor is easy to use, designed as fully automatic. You will only need to wrap the cuff around your upper arm, assume a proper sitting position, get your Systolic, Diastolic blood pressure, and Pulse results with one touch of the button. Providing advanced measurement techniques to give you an accurate reading.
The blood pressure monitor cuff length is 22 cm(8.7 inches) to 32cm (12.6 inches), it can be adjustable for proper fitting. Moreover, they are designed as Dual User Group. Two users have their own independent measurement records, each user can record up to 99 measurements. Helps users to easily track their health, blood pressure, and heart rate according to the specific time and date.

What’s in the box: 1x Blood Pressure Monitor, 1x Standard (22-32cm) Size Arm Strap, 1x Pouch Bag, 1x USB Cable, 4x AA Batteries.

Rating: 4.8/5 - More than 6700 ratings
Price: RM53.90

2. Sinocare Blood Pressure Monitor

Sinocare BP Monitor will provide you with the most trustworthy readings, giving the most exact systolic, diastolic pressure, and pulse rate data by one touchable button and easy to read the backlist screen with multi-colored LED indicator lights. Powered by 4 AA batteries(included) and come with an adjustable larger cuff(8.66''-16.54''), helping you easily track your health at home and travel use.

You can use this blood pressure monitor to monitor 2 users together, store 90 readings with date & time stamps for each displays the average of last 3 readings, includes irregular heartbeat detection. Helps users to easily track their health, blood pressure, and heart rate according to the specific time and date.

Designed with a large LED display with clear and large numbers that make it easy to read, especially for elders. Moreover, they have a voice reporting feature (in English).

Price: RM89.09

3. Cofoe USB Charging Wrist Blood Pressure Meter 

Easy to use. By wrapping the sphygmomanometer around the inside of the left wrist, place the wrist strap 10-15mm from the paim to the wrist (about one finger wide), and press switch, they will give you an automatic and accurate reading. One thing you must take note of is when measuring blood pressure, be sure to keep the sphygmomanometer at the same height as the heart.

After the measurement, they also perform intelligent diagnosis and broadcast if the blood pressure is not within the normal range. Voice warning will be given "Your blood pressure is mild hypertension". Moreover, they have a three-color backlight to judge whether the blood pressure is normal according to the screen display color. (Green indicates ideal blood pressure, Yellow indicates mid hypertension, and Red indicates severe hypertension)

What makes this blood pressure monitor different from usual is it can be charged so you don't need frequent battery replacement. 2 hours charge can be used about 120 times.

What's in the box: 1 x blood pressure meter, 1 x USB line, 1 x Wristband, 1 x Hand Bag, 1 x English manual, 1 x Protective Bag

Rating: 4.8/5 - More than 1800 ratings
Price: RM40.53

4. AccuWay Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

AccuWay Blood Pressure Monitor provides an accurate blood pressure measurement and it's also suitable for parent use. Their operation is really simple, only by wearing the cuff correctly and click one button, you will get the result. Their big screen shows clearer HD make it easy to read, especially for elders. They also have high-pitch voice broadcasting, to broadcast your measurement results.

Moreover, they have 2x99 group memory value, which helps you to record your measurements' history. 

Package include 1 x sphygmomanometer, 1 x armband, 1 x storage bag, 1 x user manual.

Rating: 4.9/5 - More than 100 ratings
Price: RM66.00

5. Omron Bluetooth Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-6232T

Omron has a blood pressure monitor for your wrists. With the Omron HEM-6232T Bluetooth, you can conveniently monitor your heart anywhere you like even for travel use, their small size makes it easy to bring. What makes this monitor different from usual is you can monitor your heart health properly with the Omron Connect app.
In addition, featuring the IntelliSense technology, this device automatically adjusts the pressure during the blood pressure reading and even prompts the user if there’s any movement during the detection process. 

Price: RM599.00

6. ROSSMAX Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Model Z1

Providing an accurate measurement is one of the benefits when using this blood pressure monitor. They're designed their LCD screen 69x78 mm, make them big and easy to read the numbers, especially for elders. Moreover, they record your last measurement's result so you do not worry if you want to recall your last result. What if someone borrows this blood pressure monitor? Do not worry, they have a guest mode so your data will be perfectly safe.

In addition, they have PARR technology, which not only can accurately measure your blood pressure levels but is also designed to detect atrial fibrillation at its early stage, as well as arrhythmia and premature contraction. 

Price: RM269.00

7. Samu Giken Arm Blood Pressure HB-RAK283 6 in 1

Samu Giken Arm Blood Pressure has a High Accuracy Fast Reading. Powered by AC to DC Adapter with 1 meter USB Cable or 4 x AAA Batteries. Moreover, this can be used for 2 people, they have 99 sets of storage 2 people IHB arrhythmia detection. 

In order to save the battery, they have an auto power-off feature; it will automatically turn off when there's no operation for 1 minute. Moreover, their live voice will sound an alarm when high blood pressure is detected, according to the WHO’s blood pressure classification.

What’s in the box: 1 x Blood Pressure, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Pouch, 1 x AC to DC Adapter, 1 x 1 - meter USB Charging Cable

Price: RM42.90

Things to Know Before Using A Blood Pressure Monitor

• Read and follow the instruction manual in order to use it correctly.
• Blood pressure monitor is only intended for use in measuring blood pressure and pulse rate, it cannot be a diagnosis. Treatment using measured results may be dangerous. In some cases, you might need to ask your physician.
• For an accurate measurement, avoid strenuous exercise, smoking, or drinking stimulants/ depressants (for example, coffee or alcohol).