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How to Prepare Your Beauty & Hair Salon Business to Be Ready for 2021

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Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya — If you are a beauty or hair salon owner, you would know the importance of digital transformation and having an online presence.

The SME Digitalisation initiative was launched by BSN (Bank Simpanan Nasional) to help SME businesses in Malaysia. Julytech Sdn Bhd has just been accepted as one of the technology service providers (TSP) to help beauty and hair salon businesses digitalize and expand.

Julytech Sdn Bhd is a lean tech startup established in 2015. Its mission is to digitally transform the beauty and hair salon industry in Malaysia and Singapore. So far, this startup has no institutional investors, and has been bootstrapping for the past few years.

Julytech has a package that only requires the SME to pay 50% of the annual fees, meanwhile the grant will cover the remaining 50%. Amongst the criteria, the SMEs have to be in operation for at least one year and be at least 60% owned by Malaysians.

About Julytech

To date, this startup has transformed over 2000 traditional beauty and spa related SMEs. It is one of the few tech companies that provides multilingual capabilities for Malay and Chinese speaking businesses.

The company’s main product is called Tunai. It is a cloud based application that serves as a tool for POS (point of sale), membership and package management. This app is customised for the beauty and hair industry. Julytech also has clients from the auto-spa industry (car detailing), the nail industry and the spa industry.

The key benefit of this application is that it greatly reduces workload and enhances customer service. This is done by helping them digitalise their booking, collection and membership.

Key Features include Customize & Manage Packages, e-Wallet, Real Time Reporting, Keeps Client’s Customers Updated, QR Code Payment and Auto Sorting Customer Data.

Business Model

The Tunai app related benefits and services are offered on an annual subscription basis.

"We intend to keep our pricing as affordable as possible. This is so that the application can be more accessible to SME businesses that we serve,” said Jason Soong, director and chief executive officer, Julytech.

Supporting Local Hair & Beauty SMEs To Expand

The Tunai app has several key marketing features that include an app for the beauty salon owner that connects them directly with their customers. It also has other key marketing modules like ‘Reward and loyalty module (Reward QR)’, an app for their customers (to view updates and offers), Online booking and appointments, POS (Point of sale), CRM (customer relationship management) modules and many more features in their R&D pipeline.