Best Stem Cell Therapy Clinics in Malaysia 2020

In recent months, stem cell therapy has gained popularity as a promising alternative treatment option for anti-aging, diabetes, autism, knees, cosmetic and also conditions where the current medical treatment protocols have been exhausted. However, there is also a lot of confusion due to the overwhelming mixing of credible scientific information and marketing hypes available on the internet.

Today, there are many stem cell related products in the market in Malaysia. However, not all the products contain live stem cells or mesenchymal stem cells. Stem cells need to be stored under liquid nitrogen storage and need to be injected into the body either through the muscle or vein. Stem cells will not be viable if taken orally as it will be broken down or digested in the stomach.

To learn more about the basics of stem cells, check out stem cell basics.

There are many stem cell clinics out there and it may not be easy to select the right one. That's one of the reasons why we have filtered a…

Establishing the New Normal: Best Practice Recommendations in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Realself - Back in March, as governors, one by one, issued stay-at-home orders to flatten the curve, and suspended elective surgeries in anticipation of COVID-19 surges, countless dermatologists, plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, oculoplastic surgeons, and physicians from other “nonessential” specialties closed their doors for what many hoped would be a two-week hiatus. As the pandemic swiftly escalated, any tentative plans for re-openings were quickly scrapped. Doctors wiped clean their spring calendars and pivoted to telemedicine, seeing in person only true medical emergencies.

Daily confirmed new cases (5-day moving average) - Outbreak evolution for the current 10 most affected countries - Johns Hopkins (updated June 22, 2020)

Now, as doctors and patients move into month three of quarantine, our collective focus has shifted from navigating its many complexities—working from home while schooling kids, sourcing and sanitizing food, and mastering the art of mask-making—to prep…

10 Best Sculptra Injection Clinics in Malaysia for 2020

If you are looking to find the best aesthetic clinic for your Sculptra injection procedure, you may wish to check out related reviews and prices from customers who 'have been there, done that'. Most customers will rely on 'word of mouth' referrals and Google Search to decide. There's more to this than meets the eye.

In the list of best 10 aesthetic clinics providing Sculptra™ Filler below, you can find:
Patients review and ratingSculptra™ Filler clinic locationPrice of Sculptra™ Filler around Malaysia

If you do not wish to read the whole article, you could send in a free enquiry with a licensed aesthetic clinic in Malaysia.

Sculptra Filler Malaysia Price
The average cost of Sculptra filler in Malaysia is about MYR 2,000 per ml/syringe.

Your total amount will vary depending on how many vials are used and your doctor's fee.

Some centres may offer 'cheap' dermal fillers but how do you know that the fillers are not fake? Check out this article from the Star M…

Pico Laser Malaysia 2020: Cost and Reviews

If you are looking to find the best aesthetic clinic for your Pico Laser procedure, you may wish to check out the cost and related reviews from customers who 'have been there, done that'.

“Pico Laser” is a recent buzzword in aesthetic medicine, so it's no surprise that Pico Lasers in Malaysia are one of the most popular treatment nowadays.

What is Pico Laser?
Pico laser is a type of laser technology, not a brand of laser. The “Pico” in “PicoLasers” refers to Picosecond, which is one trillionth of a second.
It is an improved technology from traditional Q-switched Lasers which fire laser beams in the nanosecond (billionth of a second) duration.

Picosecond lasers are approximately ten times faster than nanosecond Q-switched lasers.

Please note that there are other types of lasers other than pico laser such as Fotona laser, Q-switch, Spectra laser, Fractional CO2 laser etc. Do ask your doctor which type of laser she will be using.

Picosecond Lasers are used to remove difficult…

Best Shampoos for Hair Loss and Dandruff in Malaysia for 2020

We've already shared with you the best shampoos for hair loss in Malaysia for 2020, now we're turning our sights to hair loss and dandruff.

Dandruff is common condition that causes flaky skin on your scalp. This skin often falls off, leaving white flakes on your shoulders.

Some people with dandruff go on to develop hair loss. Is dandruff to blame?

In most cases, dandruff doesn’t directly cause hair loss. However, the itchiness it causes can lead to scratching. This can injure your hair follicles, leading to some hair loss, though not complete baldness. In addition, dandruff can increase hair loss in people with androgenic alopecia, a condition that causes male- and female-pattern baldness.
If you haven’t already, try using a medicated shampoo designed to help with dandruff. Look for products containing any of the following ingredients:
pyrinthione zincsalicylic acidketoconazoleselenium sulfide  For mild cases of dandruff, you may only need to use medicated shampoo for a few we…