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Pico Laser Clinics in Kuala Lumpur: Cost and Reviews 2019

If you are looking to find the best aesthetic clinic for your Pico Laser procedure, you may wish to check out the cost and related reviews from customers who 'have been there, done that'.

“Pico Laser” is a recent buzzword in aesthetic medicine, so it's no surprise that Pico Lasers in Malaysia are one of the most popular treatment nowadays.

What is Pico Laser?
Pico laser is a type of laser technology, not a brand of laser. The “Pico” in “PicoLasers” refers to Picosecond, which is one trillionth of a second.
It is an improved technology from traditional Q-switched Lasers which fire laser beams in the nanosecond (billionth of a second) duration.

Picosecond lasers are approximately ten times faster than nanosecond Q-switched lasers.

Please note that there are other types of lasers other than pico laser such as Fotona laser, Q-switch, Spectra laser, Fractional CO2 laser etc. Do ask your doctor which type of laser she will be using.

Picosecond Lasers are used to remove difficult pigm…

Fotona Laser Malaysia: Price and Reviews 2019

If you are looking for Fotona laser treatment price guide and reviews in Malaysia; you are in the right place.

What is Fotona?

Fotona today is a world-leading medical laser company recognized for its innovative, award-winning laser systems for applications in aesthetics & dermatology, dentistry, surgery and gynecology. Based in the US and EU, with corporate headquarters in Dallas, Texas and Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Fotona manufactures the most advanced multi-application aesthetic laser system (SP Dynamis) and the highest single-pulse energy Q-switched laser on the aesthetic market (StarWalker).

Fotona was the first manufacturer to introduce two complementary laser wavelengths (Er:YAG and Nd:YAG) in a single system (Skinlight, 1994). Combining both wavelengths in a single treatment makes best use of the unique laser-tissue interaction characteristics of each laser wavelength, and can dramatically improve the outcome of laser-assisted treatments to achieve superior clinical results.


List of Banned Cosmetics in Malaysia 2019

List of Banned Cosmetics in Malaysia 2019

As published by NST below, there were a total of 23 beauty and cosmetic products banned in Malaysia in 2019 so far.

1) 4 Beauty products to stay away from

30 Sep 2019 - The Health Ministry’s National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) is urging the public to refrain from buying and using these cosmetics products.

The 4 products are Dnars Gold Glowing Serum (Day), Dnars Gold Balen Cream (Night), Tresors Natural Herbal Cream and Labeauty Booster Night Cream.


2) 7 cosmetics products found to contain poison

PUTRAJAYA: The public has been urged to stop using and buying seven cosmetics products that have been found to contain scheduled poison mercury.

Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said the seven products are Dnars Golden Cream, Fjura-Face Polish Treatment, Glow Glowing N Glowing, Ap…

Melasma Treatment Malaysia: Price and Reviews 2019

If you are looking for melasma treatment price guide and reviews in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia; you are in the right place.

There are different types of pigmentation, including freckles, melasma, sunspots, keratosis and others. Knowing which type of pigmentation you have is important in getting the right treatment for it. Usually, your doctor will be able to determine the type of pigmentation you have, and provide treatments like laser treatments to remove the pigmentations from your skin.

The best melasma treatment starts with the right 'Diagnosis'

The first step to effective melasma treatment in Malaysia is an accurate diagnosis. Most of you may have been sold that a laser treatment is the best and only option for pigmentation but nothing could be further from the truth. Laser treatments are not always needed and may not be the best and most affordable option.
Melasma - Patches on both sides of the cheeks or forehead. Often in middle aged, Asian women of darker skin typ…

Laser Treatment Malaysia Price 2019

If you are looking for a guide on skin laser treatments in Malaysia, you are in the right place.

Skin laser treatments have quickly gain popularity among Malaysians and many aesthetic clinics in Malaysia are offering this as one of their core service.

Today, there are many aesthetic clinics and beauty centres offering laser treatments in Malaysia. Just Google 'skin laser treatment near me' and make an appointment?

Sounds easy right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Choosing the right skin laser treatment for 'your skin' is not easy. Deciding on the best skin laser treatment for your skin condition is not easy without some technical medical knowledge and laser technology knowledge. Marketers seem to make it sound so simple but just to understand the laser machines alone is already an intellectual challenge.

This consumer guide has been designed to encourage people to think critically about the information that you get. Although medical aesthetic and laser science is…