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5 Best Hair Color Salons in KL and Selangor 2020

Colourful hair has been the trend for the past few years and has been popping up all over Instagram over the past couple years. These crazy, bright, eye-catching hair colours range from vibrant reds, to sleek blues, from cotton candy pastels to silver. With gorgeous influencers flaunting colourful hairstyles, it’s hard not to wish you could have the same hairstyles for yourself. 
We have listed some impressive hair salons in KL and Selangor that can do whatever colour combination that you want. Make an appointment at one of these salons now to get yourself a crazy new look!
1. Daisuke Salon de Coiffure

According to the website, while most salons may offer Japanese perm, Daisuke Salon knows the proper techniques needed to make the perfect perm. Their stylists are continuously trained by Daisuke-san, a Japanese stylist on the latest techniques, styles and fashion.Review

Finally had the opportunity to spice up my hair. It's been red since 2009 and it definitely needed a makeover. I told …

Aesthetics 101: Introduction to Hair-Care and Scalp-Care

This is part of the Aesthetics 101 series. The hair-care industry is a billion dollar industry and we see an increasing number of products, treatments and hair centres that are dedicated to hair-care and scalp-care.
There's a lot of people (countless) and 'influencers' who claim to know a lot about hair-care, but actually are they really telling you the truth? Hair-care related treatments and products are often accompanied by marketing myths rather than good scientific data; often indistinguishable by a layperson.

This guide is been designed to encourage people to think critically about the information that you get. We cover the practical essentials of hair-care and scalp-care and we would like to acknowledge that hair-care science is indeed a complex and dynamic space. However, we need to start somewhere. This guide has been developed as a starting point for people who want to know more about hair-care and scalp-care.
What is Hair?
Your hair shaft is the visible part of your …